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Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/20 Blog: Girls night out

Last night I did something I rarely ever do - had a girls night out. This weekend my in-laws came to town. They visit us about every six weeks. Normally Arnie and I go out on Saturday night, given we have free babysitting. But this weekend is different. One of the main reasons they came down is because Ben's hockey team is skating at the intermission of our local minor league hockey game tonight. During the Cincinnati Cyclones 2nd intermission the Ice Dragons will take the ice, so we are all heading to the game. It should be a blast, I will let you know tomorrow.

Given we wouldn't be going out on Saturday, then the normal thing would be to go our Friday. This wasn't possible for Arnie because he had the Father-Daugther dance at the elementary school. He and Claire would be going to that. I could have just come home and had dinner with Ben, Sarah and my in-laws, but instead I decided to see if two girlfriends wanted to go out for dinner. Thank goodness they did. Laurie and Andrea, both colleagues from work, and I headed to Newport on the Levee. Newport has tons of restaurants and movies so one stop shopping.

We decided to have Seafood, very selfishly for me because it was a Friday in Lent and I could not have meat. Plus I never get to go to seafood with Arnie given his allergies, so it was perfect. We had a very leisurely dinner and good fun, chatting about everything from work to old boyfriends finding us on Facebook. After dinner we went to see Valentine's Day. I went in with no expectations as the reviews I read were horrible, but if I am being honest I liked it. What's not to like about lots of eye candy, and stories of meant my criteria in a movie, I felt good when I left, got a little tight in the chest at times and shed a tear. The end to a perfect evening.

As I thanked my friends and said goodbye, I did have some guilt, as I hadn't seen Sarah at all that day. She is our late sleeper so I left before she was awake, and of course she would be asleep. When I got home I crawled into bed with her and gave her lots of hugs and kisses, now that was truly the end to the perfect night, or maybe then laying next to Arnie.


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