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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16 Blog: How was your Valentine's day?

Happy belated Valentine's to each of you. I hope you had wonderful V-Day. I wish I could say we make a big deal out of V-Day or even our Anniversary, but it really depends on what day of the week it falls on and what else the calendar has in store for us. This year it ended up that our Theatre date night at Playhouse in the Park was on the 13th, so we booked a dinner beforehand. One of the restaurants we like was having a pre-fixed menu that was a pretty good deal.

So, we got one of our favorite sitters and off we went. Arnie was pretty clear when we sat down at 6pm that we had an 8pm show to make. With it being pre-fixed menu we didn't think this would be hard to do. In actuality, given it was 6:20 before they even took our order (I forgot we had been sitting for almost 20 minutes) I should have known we were in trouble. We enjoyed each of the three first courses they brought us, the problem was we only got through three of the five.

We had to ask for a check and cancel the rest to make our bummer. Really bad service, of really good food. So bad not sure we will go back. Bummer. The good news is the show we saw "Fall from Heaven" (or something close to that) was FANTASTIC, truly superb. It made up for our short, really small (but good for the diet) dinner.

So we had a special night out, just the two of us. On Sunday, the actual v-day, we were lazy ALL day long. We watched tons of Olympics and hung out with the kids. I think we were counting on Monday to maybe be more active. Unfortunately we didn't check the we got about 8-10 inches of snow, so no one was going anywhere. You all know what that means...yes another snow day today in Cincy, our 4th of the year. Even my 7 year old has now figured out in his words "we don't want any more because they start shortening our summer vacation" (can you tell he doesn't "love" school).

So back to V-day. I think the reason why we don't go "overboard" is because you shouldn't have to rely on a holiday (or made up holiday) to be extra sweet to your special person. Try to be sweet everyday, always tell them you love them. Never leave or let them leave without a kiss goodbye. Be appreciative when they help you out and remind them you couldn't do it all without them. I too have days when I don't do all of these which is bad, but I sure try to do at least a couple of them as I do know my life would really stink without my husband, he is my best friend and he makes each day so much better. Enjoy yours...


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