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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/9 Blog: Snowy in Cincinnati

Almost the end of a work day from home today. We got more snow overnight...nothing compared to DC and Philly, but for Cincy...too much. It was that dry snow that is hard to drive in, which made it easy for me to say "I'm working from home." People here are not very comfortable driving in the snow, which makes it very unsafe on the roads. Heck, even rain makes it a huge delay to get to work. So again Arnie and I stayed home (and yes schools were closed). We have a break now but it is supposed to snow again overnight, we will see what tomorrow brings.

Needless to say we may it home safe and sound from Buenos Aires, we had a great time. Truly a beautiful country. Iguaza Falls was definitely the highlight. You can actually check it out online, lots of pics, and right now it it a finalist for "the natural seven wonders of the world." I recommend a visit to the site, I now have at least three new places I want to go visit after viewing it.

The kids survived just fine with my parents, as would be expected. And being the great parents they are my parents managed to paint my basement and install two new kitchen faucets while they were I love them. The other upside is my kids now love my cooking as all of my moms meals didn't go over so well in the Zucker household....I think a bit too much for the kids (to quote claire "her chili had too much sauce").

Being the crazy women I am after a day of unpacking, laundry and getting things settled, I decided to have all the neighbors over for dinner Saturday. It had snowed all night and just felt like a great time to have people over. We ran to Sam's to pick up some flank steak and salad stuff. Before you knew it 22 people were in the house having a great meal and lots of great conversation. The steak was simple, I paired it with Betty Crocker au gratin potatoes, a spinach salad, my neighbor brought green beans, another brought an appetizer, another pasta for kids to go with the hot dogs I made and another wine. Not too much effort and everyone had a blast. The evening followed a lot of my tips:

- entertain at home
- don't be afraid to use "packaged" meals (i.e. Betty Crocker)
- ask for help...all the neighbors brought something
- shop at warehouse clubs for good deals

We'll see what the weather brings tomorrow and if we can make it to work or not...fine by me either way and boy is it just beautiful outside.


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