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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1/26 Blog: Let the fun (and chaos) begin

In about 5 minutes I will begin a whole lot of chaos to allow for some fun in the future.
Arnie and I decided on a whim to take advantage of an international trip I have. Despite all of my travel, we never really consider him going with me...I am in all day meetings, we would both have to leave the kids, get sitters, etc. It just never seemed to make sense.

But this time it seemed different. I was going to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Neither of us had been there. In fact we have never been to S. America at all. We heard FANTASTIC stuff about Argentina and had always wanted to go there. It is also the year we mark our 10th anniversary. Something about it seems extra special and we should try to have more of our own time. Perhaps it is a good excuse, but it seemed like the right thing to do. So three weeks ago (not even) we bit the bullet and bought him a ticket.

We arranged to fly my parents in (they land in 50 minutes so I need to type quick) to watch the kids. The come today, we fly out tomorrow night. Arnie comes back Tuesday and I fly back next Friday. The kids are extremely excited, and we get to see a new place.

So I am crazed trying to get work done, pack, ensure we have boarding passes, that I have laid the kids clothes out for the week, that Amber has everything she needs before we go (i.e. her cash drawer is full, shopping list made out), that addresses are printed out for GPS to get to hockey practice, ballet, swim lessons and so forth.

Yes, chaotic, but so worth it, I can't wait to experience a new land, culture and spirit that Argentina will bring.


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