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Monday, January 5, 2009

Yeah for Amber and Fox News

Hooray- Amber's (our new nanny) first day went fantastic. She came a bit early so Arnie could give her the details on the house, where everything is (when she was here on our try-out she couldn't find the Ziploc bags), the daily schedule and so on. I then came home early to see how everything went and answer any questions. Of course, I don't know why I would think otherwise, the day went perfectly smooth and everyone was very happy.

The girls had dance which they couldn't wait to get back to. When I came home Ben was at the neighbor's playing football with his three buddies on the lawn. Their was tons of artwork, the laundry was put away, things were clean and I was smiling ear to ear. Amber even wants to start a "cooking day" with the girls each week...I love her already.

Arnie and my "re-integration" back into work went fine. We had really checked out for two weeks, truly amazing. This was the "hot topic" at work today, how there really wasn't email traffic. Normally around the holidays, while you may want to check out, not everyone does so you end up having to answer emails, put out fires, etc. This year that was not the case at all. I think everyone is just so tired and over-worked, on top of worried about the economy, etc that they truly de-compressed. It was awesome. Of course it took a few hours to get back into things, but it all comes back, just like anything else in life. The business is still running, consumers are still buying and all is well in hair care land.

I have some exciting news for me and the book. Hopefully some of you saw the interview I did with Fox 19 news in Cincinnati when my book launched in October. You can search on You Tube and find it if not. Well Fox 19 anchor Sheila Gray contacted me before the holidays and told me they would like me to be a regular contributor to the show. I pulled together some thoughts on what I could do, sent it to Sheila and this morning we spoke when she got off the air (she too took time off over the holidays, like most working moms). As of this week I will be a regular contributor to their morning TV show. My first day is Thursday, the 8:20 am segment. I am very excited and look forward to joining their family and continuing to help working moms out there. I will do my best to post the videos to You Tube for you all to share as well. This week's topic is "New Years Resolutions for the working mom."

Take care. Joanna


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