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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to work and our first day with the new nanny

Well our staycation is about to end. Back to reality tomorrow for the adults that means work and for Ben back to Kindergarten. I think Ben is more excited then we are. He misses his friends and teacher, which is good. The parents on the other hand don't miss work so much. I haven't mentally prepared yet, will attempt to in the next couple of hours. Go over my to do list, refresh my memory on where each project is, etc. But for now, I am enjoying just sitting and watching the end of the football game (as it will tell who the Giants play next week).

Today was the day to run around to miscellaneous places, the only thing in common to them all was a really good deal. Arnie headed to hockey practice with Ben, so I had the girls to myself. We started at Office Max. We got their "15% everything in this bag" brown bag today, so I headed out to get some printer paper, print cartridges, mailing envelopes, etc. Thankfully I remembered glue sticks and dry erase markers too while we were there, also got a great deal on holiday paper (for invites to parties)...$1.65 for 100 sheets.

From there we went to Dick's trying to get Ben some sweatpants but struck out. I got a great deal on a golf outfit (that I probably didn't need, but justified it as my Christmas gift from my grandmother who gave me money). Then to HH Gregg. Of course, the TV we bought last week was reduced this week by $100 which was worth the trip to get the credit. Then finally Michael's who was having a good sale and I wanted to get some more art supplies for the new nanny...who starts tomorrow.

I don't think I have gone into detail on our nanny search and how it went. Thankfully we were blessed again with a very easy search and a fantastic result. Kirsten moved to Cleveland with her husband and gave us six weeks notice per our contract, she actually worked eight weeks for us which got us to the holidays which was terrific. We enlisted a nanny search firm in October and they gave us one person whom we met. She was terrific when we met her and with the kids for her trial run, which included swim lessons which can be tough. Ironically, the day after her trial run, another person whom used to teach at our daycare contacted me (as I heard she was back in town and looking for a job). She came out to the house that evening (as I didn't want to drag along our first contact) to meet Arnie and I. We were happy enough to have her come watch the kids the following Monday. That is dance day for the girls so a tough day, but she did just fine.

Like we do with any babysitter or caregiver for the kids we talked to them about who they wanted for their nanny. Either person was terrific. Both in mid to late 20's, both with plenty of childcare experience and both seemed to do wonderful with our kids. All three said the same person, and not surprising it was the women whom they had a history with from their school. While she never taught in their classrooms, they knew who from the playground and muscle room and likely felt more comfortable because of that.

For Arnie and I we felt the person from the nanny service likely would have done better with Ben, a bit more of a disciplinarian. And the old teacher from their center was better with the girls, more creative, playful, etc. Given in eight months Ben will be in school for a full day and Claire a half-day we decided to go with the ex-teacher given our situation. Anytime you don't hire someone you feel bad, and we did. We really liked the first girl and would recommend her to others, we just got lucky with having the choice of someone we knew. I pray the other girl finds a job in this tough economy, but I have faith she will.

So tomorrow is our first day. Amber starts tomorrow, coming at 7:30 to get a run-down on the house, where things are, schedules, etc. I will come home early to see how the day went, answer any questions and prep her for the week with daily schedules, etc. I know the kids will again be in terrific hands and look forward to seeing them blossom with Amber as they did with Kirsten.

I better sign off now to finish last minute prep for tomorrow, making sure the girls dance bags are ready to go, Ben's backpack, my work clothes, and so on.


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