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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Social Networking

I find it truly amazing the impact that Facebook is having on "friendships". It is a fabulous tool. I had created an account to "get more in touch with my consumer", as we know in marketing land that the millennial generation is using online networking and digital significantly more than my generation (which is only one older than it). This means in order for us marketers to reach them, we must be online where they are. So I created a page and really did nothing with it.

Then I published the book and a friend of mine who is an expert in the online arena (he publishes a book about social networking) gave me all these tips for what to do online. How to link my blog to Facebook, to give a tip a day to get my friends excited, etc. So I have been trying to do that each night, or at least every other day since.

In the meantime, it has allowed me to broaden the circle of friends I am in touch with. I thought I was pretty good at staying in touch with my friends via an occasional email, here and there. But this is so much better. The photo postings, notes they post, the fact that it reminds you of their birthday!!!! I feel more "whole" as a person and a better friend, even though I may not be "talking" to my friends any more often than before.

Try it out, they have wonderful tools on how to find people you know, from your company, your high school or college, searching other friends and who they are linked to, etc. Try to get back in touch with 5 people from your past in 2009, I bet you will be happy and bring back some great memories.


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