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Friday, January 2, 2009

Feeling ill and "un-decorating" the house

Some of the worst days for me as a mom are when I have not feel well. Knock on wood, I am a fairly healthy person, blessed with good genes I guess. I really never get sick. At the first sign of "not feeling right" I will take some Tylenol, drink a ton of tea and in general can nip it before it starts." As you all know, there is nothing worse than being sick when you need to care for young children. The want attention and TLC but you can't even get off the couch.

Today started off just fine. My parents planned to leave around 10 so we all got up, had some breakfast and waited for everyone to be ready to leave. During that time I managed to get some Christmas decorations down, including all the ornaments from the tree. We had a awful tree this year, it must have drooped 2 feet in total, the lower ornaments were just rolling off of it. I guess that was my final omen to go fake next year (already bought it on sale after Christmas). I secretly was hoping I could utilize my dad one last time to help us get the tree out and it worked out. We had to cut some branches off of it, as it would not go out easily, but we got it to the curb (yippie).

So we said our goodbyes around 10:30 and settled into peace and quiet. It was a bit eerie after ten days. Sitting and reading the paper without noise and two conversations going on seemed unusual all the sudden. Arnie and I talked about what to do with the kids today. We agreed we would hang out and do puzzles, play around the house, etc and then head to a High School basketball game this evening. Unfortunately around 3 o'clock I started to get a pretty bad headache. I am guessing it was the "end of my period" lack of iron headache. I tried to put up with it but couldn't so I took some Tylenol around 5. I was hoping it would kick in so I could go to the game, but no luck.

Arnie volunteered to take the kids alone, which I hated, but it made the most sense. I just felt horrible. I am such a fan of our family outings, but I am sure I would not have been fun. Of course, less than 30 minutes after the left, and after a bowl of salad I felt tons better. I was tempted to go meet them (they went to KFC for dinner) but I decided to finish taking down the rest of the decorations. It is really simple given I have taken the time to get it all organized in the past. I have bins for everything all labeled, so I brought them all up, filled them 2 at a time and then walked them downstairs. For the new fake poinsettias I simply put them in a kitchen garbage bag to protect from dust.

So while I didn't get my family outing, my husband will be so happy that all the decorations are down and he didn't have to do it. And I got some R&R and my blog done, which means extra books at bedtime.


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