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Monday, December 22, 2008

Prepping for the holidays

The holidays are obviously a very busy time of year. Lots of shopping, entertaining, baking, cleaning and so on. Because my husband and I are both "from" cities that we don't currently live in, we have never really hosted a big holiday. It is sort of expected that we will travel back to our families for the major holidays. This means for the first 34 years of my life I had never really had to "cook" and "plan" for the big day.

When we returned from Europe and moved to Cincinnati this really didn't change. Taking one or two children to NY or Detroit wasn't that big of a deal. We would drive more than fly, particularly at Christmas with the gifts and all, but still manageable. When Sarah arrived three years ago this was our "excuse" to change things a bit. The first Christmas we actually did go to New York because we were having her baptized while we were there. But every other year there-after my parents have been gracious enough to come to us.

So in 2006 and now again this year we have hosted my parents. It makes for a very different Christmas. Instead of the 40 or so extended family, in one house, with lots of kids running around it is the 7 of us in Cincy. We have to have a really good excuse to change out of our pajamas all day, as we go to mass on Christmas Eve so we don't have that one. This year my grandmother is coming with them, so we will be 8.

I decided this year that I would plan the meal, to make it easier on my mom. They are not arriving until tomorrow, so this way the shopping is done and they can relax. While it has been fun, it is a bit nerve racking as well. What to make? Do I do Italian and traditional (which is what we have in NY)...but for only 8 people, etc. I have decided to have Italian on Christmas Eve and a more traditional meal on Christmas. I am even going to have people over on New Years day to make it feel like a real holiday season. I am excited and nervous, but ready for the challenge.

The real challenge will be Arnie grocery shopping today. He is home with the kids while I work and decided he would go to the grocery store. That may change given the wind chill temp outside in Cincinnati is -15 today, but if it doesn't he will be a true gem and help me out a lot. Hopefully it won't snow too much tomorrow and my parents will be here by noontime to start our holiday celebrating.

I wish you all a happy, safe, stress free and loving holiday season. Be sure to send my your tips to make it as easy as possible.


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