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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Christmas Carol, lessons and listening to messages

We have had a lot going on the past few days. So relaxation and doing nothing, and yesterday I actually got lots on my to do list checked off.

The highlight of Monday was going to see a Christmas Carol that evening. I had never seen the play, even though it is a Cincinnati holiday favorite. I had heard very good things, and was told the kids would be okay, but I was nervous. I tried to explain to them while we were sitting and waiting for the show to begin that there would be ghost, and to just hold our hands if they were scared, etc...but given they had all fallen asleep on the way to the show and were not the "happiest" to say the least, I didn't go into much detail. We did have some "why did you take us to this" at intermission, but some ring pops (they were so prepared at the concession stand, with fruit snacks and other kids favorites) did the trick.

In the end I think all eight of us, including the youngsters really enjoyed it. Scrooge was amazing and while the ghost of Jacob Marley was a bit frightening (even for me) they kids understood that all the ghosts were trying to teach Scrooge a lesson and to be a better person. I would go ahead in a heart beat.

Yesterday I finally felt like I could get some things done. I had planned on doing a bunch of "book stuff" over the break, but just hadn't gotten to it. As I said in my last blog, I can't blame lack of time, I have been sleeping 9+ hours a night and had the days free, but just wanting to spend time with my parents and grandma took priority. Well yesterday we all chipped in and got the big job done, the mailing that went out to the Top 100 companies named in Working Mother magazine. I had the mailing labels ready and list in excel. My mom and I got all the envelopes stuffed with a book and brochure on Sunday, as well as address labels on. Yesterday we made an assembly line, me typing the letter (just had to change addresses), signing it, then Arnie and my mom stuffing it, sealing it and getting it boxed and ready to go.

We headed off to the post office with 65 of the packages at 4:40. My mom had to mail something that day and I was afraid to walk in too close to 5pm with 100 envelopes. As it ended up, they close at 6pm and they just gave me the stamps to do it myself. So we set up on the hallway table and got those into the mail. After dinner I finished the last 35 and dropped them off felt good. Let's hope some of the companies are interested in giving my book to their female managers.

My dad and I also got a ton done outside. I have wanted to trim our trees in the front of our house for the past year. Arnie kept saying we'll get a tree guy to come, and I just lost patience. So I borrowed a took from my neighbor and my dad and I got to work. We got them all done in about an hour and a half. I think we did okay, but spring bloom will certainly tell for sure. We pulled up all the seasonal plants, got them into the compost bin and started a fire in our fire pit to burn everything we cut...a great afternoon's worth of work.

Having time and extra hands to make dinner we made Chicken Parmesan and Pasta which everyone loved. Ben was at a friends playing and for dinner, so just the girls and us. Today is movie day. Ben woke up sick, so Papa will stay home with the kids while Arnie, my mom and grandmother and myself head out to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We never go to the movies, but a built in babysitter and likely Oscar contender, coupled with looking at Brad Pitt made it seem worthwhile.

Tonight we have the neighbors New Years Party. It is an annual tradition and a great one, what could be better than walking to your party and being able to come home with the kids whenever. We are so thankful for them. Happy New Year and talk to you in 2009.


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