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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year and lots of football

Happy New Year everyone. I can't say that I "saw the ball drop" and welcomed the year in fashion. Sarah was tired at around 10:30 so she and mom headed home early. Ben and Arnie made it up, Claire fell asleep on the neighbors couch at around 11:35...poor thing (though she will tell you she made it, just like she never takes a nap during quiet time).

Instead I fell asleep with my baby laying next to me, a cup of hot tea and a Suduko puzzle, it was perfect. I have many wishes for the new year. My usual wish - that we see a new place, meet some new people and learn much during the year. I hope my new job, that I am due to get is a great one, and preferably in another location. Arnie and I are really getting the itch to move so it would be nice if that happens, for our family to have another growth opportunity, but of course we would be very happy staying in our home as well.

I wish for continued good health of my grandmother, parents and in-laws. We are so blessed to have them all in our life and hope that it continues in 2009. I hope my children continue to blossom as people, learn much and have strong morals and manners. I wish Arnie and I many more fond memories together, and Arnie a great half-ironman that he is training to do.

Today we kick off 2009 with a last minute gathering of friends. My great friend Andrea, who was in my wedding and I am lucky enough that she too is still with P&G (13 years for her) is coming over with her husband, dad (who is in from San Fran) and maybe even her sister and her family (who I haven't seen in ages) who are also in from San Fran area. We also are having our neighbors over - two families and their kids. Before we know it there will be 20+ people with lots of food, fun and football.

The menu is simple, as any of you reading this would have guessed. We are having meatball sandwiches (I had my mom make a lot extra when she made them for dinner last week), a ham (pre-cooked that I am warming) either on sandwiches or just sliced, salad, various chips and dips, a cheese platter, shrimp and a sweet potato bar. All in all took my less than 30 minutes to do. Using crock pot for meatballs, ham is in the warmer, sweet potatoes in the oven. Made the salad, cheese platter and shrimp and they are on back patio staying cold. Arnie picked up a pre-made pizza from Kroger, to make kid food easier (I thought we were fine).

It is never too late to ask people over. A quick run to your grocery store or warehouse club can make the entire buffet. I hope you are starting your year in great company too.


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