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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The irony of life

For the past few days, I guess really all week I have had a strange cough and soar throat. The odd thing is during the day it wouldn't be too bad, but as the day progressed and before evening I would get very congested and start to cough which made sleeping tough. The morning was the worse - I won't go into details, but lots of coughing up stuff.

I have tried to drink a lot of tea, water, take cough drops and so on but it is still hanging around. I am finding quite a bit of irony in this happening to me. Let me list them out:

1) Every night this week, with the exception of last night one of my children has waken me up in the middle of the night. THEY NEVER DO THIS. Ben had an accident one night, Sarah must of had a nightmare another, and Claire just decided she wanted to be in our bed. When the kids were young and this was normal to breastfeed, etc it really didn't have an impact on me. But once you get beyond that, getting disturbed in the middle of REM is not an easy thing to do with;

2) I just blogged about how generally healthy I am. I think this is God trying to send me a signal. Not that this is any big deal, I took Tylenol PM last night and slept like a baby, but there is a little irony in it.

3) Work has been crazy busy. The lull of the holiday is over and I have quite a bit of things to get done. It was also our nannies first week, so wanting to leave a little earlier to get home for her to review things means I need to be even more why is this the week I get no good sleep.

4) Fox 19 called and I would be on TV. My son even said to me in the bathroom this morning, "what if you have to do that when you are on TV" (meaning cough stuff up). We were all a bit concerned, but I think it turned out fine.

So, it reminded me to take care of yourself. You can't care for others if you don't care for yourself. I was a bit selfish the other day when for the 3rd time that night I was woke up I made Arnie take care of it, I couldn't even pick my head off the pillow. Why is it by the way that they call from a distance is never "Daddy" but always "Mommy?"


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