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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A "wholesome" day

Today was a good day. Not super special in any way, but a good day. Perhaps it started with a full nights sleep. I didn't even here Arnie come in from Michigan, which apparently was around 11:30pm. And finished with no little ones coming in before 6:30am which has become quite the norm. I did hear Arnie's alarm go off at he could go swimming at the Y (I know he makes me look REALLY bad in the exercise arena). But I went back to sleep and got a jolt when my alarm went off at 6:15.

I was in my car and off by 6:50pm when Arnie got home, in between Ben woke up (must have been my heals on the hard floor downstairs) so I got to dress him and get him ready for school. Work was work, but productive. I only had 2 meetings so I cranked out work and made some good progress on a few projects, that coupled with some great consumer research results from the UK was enough to make my day.

Though it ended on a high note. I had my 1:1 with my boss and talked a few tough projects and got some feedback and then my career. I am due to move assignments in about 6-8 months so it was my first real "check in" to see if things were still on track. She re-assured me as much as possible that they are...I can't really ask for more than that, and it was great feedback and reassurance that things are cooking.

The great work day spilled over into a great night...which is often the case, work effecting home that is. We went to the Zoo. I am sure you are thinking 'the zoo?' in December? In Cincinnati we have a wonderful zoo, probably top 2-3 in the country. During the holiday season they have the Festival of Lights which is sponsored by PNC bank. We have some accounts with them so we were invited to a special evening. They had great food, drinks and even Anthony Munoz (for you sports fans) there, and then you could go into the zoo. Of course a lot of animals were sleeping and not out, but the lights are beautiful, we took a train ride and couple of carousel rides and had a wonderful evening out and about...all in 50 degree weather on a Wednesday.

So a great day is coming to a close (late for me) - let's hope for another great one tomorrow.


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