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Friday, December 5, 2008

Fitting in days into hours

Yesterday I had a realization late in the day that "I only have 4 hours left of Arnie" meaning that evening would be the last time I had him before he left to go skiing for 6 days. While this should not be a big deal I also realized two important things: 1) we needed to interview another nanny candidate before he left, and 2) we had to get our Christmas tree.

You may ask "why" did you have to do this. For the nanny, I feel strongly that we need to give them two weeks notice before they start, which would be around December 16th/17th. Arnie comes back home on the 10th. Theoretically we could have waiting until he got back, but we always have them watch the kids after the interview so they get a vote too. Trying to fit that in, that close to the holidays was too risky for me.

On the Christmas tree front, I had lunch with one of my mentees yesterday and she said as we were leaving "see you on Tuesday." I thought I would die as I realized, yes you will. That is the night I am hosting all the women in Beauty care marketing at my home for a holiday gathering...and I don't have a TREE!!! Again, maybe not a big deal, but to host a holiday party with a tree just doesn't seem right.

So what to do??? I got in touch with the nanny candidate and scheduled her to come at 8pm. I knew we would have Chili for dinner as I had meat defrosted for that, whomever got home first would start it. Arnie was supposed to be the early one home last night as it was Thursday. I had booked a hair cut at 5pm. Well, that didn't work either. Arnie had just called to apologize to Kirsten and say he would be late when I called him and told him I would be home by 6. So, I arrived home to find the girls with Kirsten, Ben was down the street at a friends and was having pizza for dinner. So I called our neighbors and told Ben I would pick him up. Arnie met us there and we were off to the Boy Scouts to get our tree.

We got there by 6:20 but they weren't quite ready. So after waiting for the extension cord and saws we made it home by 7pm. I quickly started dinner while Arnie brought the tree in. By the time the nanny arrived, dinner was done and staying warm on the stove and I was holding the tree trying to balance it. We took a break and talked to the candidate, she used to teach at our daycare so we knew her and it was a great conversation. She left around 8:45 and Arnie and I had dinner (I fed the kids leftovers earlier at 7). Our neighbor bailed us out with twine (which we couldn't find in the garage, because I had put it with tree decorations!!) and we had the tree up by 9:30.

The kids and I will decorate it this weekend, giving us something to do. The nanny is here today while I work from home watching the kids which worked out great, and Arnie is on a plane to skiing right now.

So our 4 hours worked out, not a typical night, but a fun one filled with holiday cheer, a warm meal and potentially a new member of our family with the nanny.


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