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Monday, December 15, 2008

Traditions and a book, all in December

December is such a wonderful month, filled with holiday events and fun traditions. Yesterday we had our annual holiday brunch. We had a smaller crowd than normal, about 50 people, but still lots of laughs, great food and friendship. It is really odd how "short" the holiday period feels this year, apparently it is 5 days shorter than last year and it feels every bit of it. We felt it in our RSVP's, so many people had conflicting obligations, given one less weekend this year. So for those of you who still have shopping to do, the big guy in red comes in 10 days, so only one weekend left (for you working moms).

This December, on top of all our normal traditions, has been quite busy with book obligations. Each Saturday and Sunday I have a signing somewhere. As one author said to me in a conversation "its the dues you have to pay" and he was right. As I have said in the past their is nothing fun about sitting at a table with books in front of you, unless you like cold call selling. I don't, I am not a salesperson and genetically am not wired at all like them. I have even begun to take the kids with me. Yesterday Sarah and Claire came. We bring our books -- coloring, workbooks, reading books, etc and have fun. Sometimes they are on my lap and others on the floor, we even made a "fort" under the table yesterday which was fun. It helps pass the time and gives me time with more example of being a millennium mom.

Even harder than the signings on the weekends are evening events. Tonight I went to a wonderful event at Fidelity investments, sponsored by SOAR an organization that sponsors the advancement of women in the workforce. They were giving out my book in the goody bags, so I went to show support. I enjoyed it very much, but still miss not having dinner with the kids...which will be a recurring theme this week as I have events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at local Kroger's who are selling my book.

If I could only get on Oprah, or Ellen or even Regis and Kelly and get the word out maybe I wouldn't have to miss dinners. Until then I will continue to get out and spread the word, one book at a time and one more women a little less tired and stressed.


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