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Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank god its friday

TGIF - boy is that true today. Since my kids were young I would always say to them on Thursday night "tomorrow's Friday" and then in the morning since "Thank God It's Friday" in a very funny tune/tone (I am not a musician, so not sure what the right term is). They get a kick out of it and it is still a tradition today.

We love Fridays in our house. The kids love pizza night and the fact that it means mom and dad will be home for two days with no work after it. Arnie and I love it because it means we get to sleep in the next day and relax a bit. This week I am really loving it because with Arnie gone for most of the week, and life not slowing down, I find myself fighting a cold and really sore throat, so I look forward to a bit of R&R.

Of course, as I say that I know we need to run to Sam's tonight (so our pizza will be from there) to do all the shopping for a big holiday brunch on Sunday. Ben has a hockey game tomorrow and I have a book signing (B. Dalton in Tri-County mall for those in Cincy) so the day will not allow for shopping and we go tonight. Either way, even with the busy schedule we will have, I can still steal a nap at some point, snuggle with the kids, drink tea all day long, be in comfy clothes, and all the other things that I can't do while at work.

So I am thankful that it is Friday, that we didn't get the snow the East coast got, that the weather forecast is great for Sunday and that in less than 48 hours we will be surrounded by our dearest friends in Cincinnati bringing in holiday cheer.


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