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Friday, December 12, 2008

Change of plans

So much for heading to Sam's and getting a head start on preparations for our brunch. As I was about to get the kids into their coats so we would be ready when Arnie arrived home, I glanced at the calendar and realized it was "movie night" at Ben's school. The big fundraiser for his school each year is a walk-a-thon. For each donation level they earn a prize. Ben earned quite a few and one of them was a "movie night" with your family. Tonight was the night "N-Z" got to go watch Wall E.

For a brief moment I was tempted to just not tell him. But that wouldn't be fair. In our family everyone gets a vote on all important issues. So we talked about it. I could see in his eyes he really wanted to go. And in my heart of hearts so did I. So when Dad got home we made some quick pizza, had dinner together, grabbed our pillows and blankets and headed out.

None of us had seen the movie. While I think it was quite a bizarre story line for children, it was a sweet movie that we all enjoyed (even Claire who fell asleep with about 15 minutes left). So as I type this, I should be in bed, as I still feel under the weather, and now have even more to do tomorrow. On the other hand, Meijer is open 24 hours, the menu is prepared so I am ready to go shopping, and we did lots of setting up while waiting for the pizza. We'll be ok in the end, just like we are every year, but this year we got to see "Wall E" too.


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