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Monday, December 8, 2008

The cause of stress

So, what is the cause of stress. The dictionary says "a mental or physical tension or strain caused by urgency, pressure, etc." I guess due to the fact that I don't really exercise any more, the physical part is out for me, so all mental and tension for this women. I am sure there are lots of things that could cause stress, I am even more sure that I am experiencing lots of them right now...

- your spouse being out of town and taking the load on by yourself...check

- projects at work a bit crazy and just trying to keep things a float....check

- your routine totally out of whack (due to traveling husband and holidays)...check

- taking on too much (as usual)...check

More important than dealing with stress, is understanding why you get stressed. What are your hot buttons? What can throw you off track faster than you can think? What are the consistent times or things that make you stressed. The reason why I stress this (no pun intended) is the better you know yourself and what makes you tense, the faster you can snap out of it and move on.

As I was trying to get last minute emails sent, and think of "what do I need for the next two days" as I would be working from another site, I had one of those moments...which led to a rant to co-workers about how I hate when Arnie is out of town. It totally throws me off, having to stay at home late and leave at my normal time really throws me off, I lose at least an hour a day of work. While this may seem like no big deal, I know myself and how I get my work done. I also am that efficient at work because I don't like to work from home. So when Arnie is gone, less time in the office means I have to work from home, which means I have to stay up later or get up earlier, which means less sleep, which makes me cranky and creates more stress.

I also know that if I count to 10 in tense situations or just take a few deep breaths, it is over before I know it. Tonight while reviewing our family calendar I realized the drop off dates for our Salvation Army adopt-a-family are today and tomorrow. Needless to say I didn't get there today. So, a bit of a panic. The first thing I did was just get the gifts in my car. While I was doing that I thought about my day tomorrow and how I could get there during the afternoon and still make it home early for the work party I am hosting tomorrow (did I say taking on too much). So, tomorrow will be an even shorter work day, that will start with a 7:30 am call, but I will just get up super early and try to crank through some stuff before the kids are up, so I can get them dressed before my call begins.

It may not go as planned, but the world won't stop because of my work issues - that is my other biggest piece of advice for dealing with stress -- have a reality check. Think of all the people in the world who have it much worse than you do, then your problems don't even register. Or if you are stressed or scared about something, think of all the other people who have done it with less. That was my tactic when I was pregnant with my first child, I was quite nervous about giving birth, so I would just think of the women in Africa and other developing nations who would give birth without drugs, in un-sanitary placed and have healthy children, if they could do it so could I.

Know thyself, what causes it stress and have some simple tactics to break out of it quickly...a recipe for life made simpler and easier.


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