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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A new job and behind already

I officially started my new role on 10/1, after doing it alongside my old one for over 9 months, oh...that's right, I still have my old one now. I guess I "officially" moved into my new job by packing my desk and moving it. One can say that is progress. I continue to be excited about it, New Business Creation for P&G's Beauty & Grooming business unit - think about new sources of revenue, what can we do differently from how we sell Pantene, Olay, Gillette, Old Spice, Nice N Easy, Secret, Cover Girl, H&S and other brands today.

It will be a ton of fun I am sure, I get to try to reinvent a $30B business unit, very challenging but wide open at the same time. But somehow I feel behind already. I have two direct reports who started already, of my four total (two are on maternity leave). The only issue is neither has ever worked in Beauty, so there is a lot of onboarding...and one has never worked in the US before, transferring from Western Europe. So being the coach I am I want to spend time with them and get them up to speed, but my days are just back to back to back...likely because I am down two Brand Managers and have to keep their projects moving forward.

So I am stressed. I keep bringing stuff home to do, but the kids are the priority for sure. Today Arn had to work late which meant a crazy evening. Pick kids up at Acrocheer at 5:45, off to cheerleading at 6 (and pick up carpool on the way), dash home because Claire forgot the Spirit Cone she got last week, back to cheerleading, get out at 7:10, rush home, Uncle Matt called so talk to him while trying to get dinner done, Arn gets home at 7:40, sit down to eat, talk about Ben's "longterm" project and how we will do it, research it on the web for a bit, kids head up to take Showers at 8:20 and I get online to blog while Arnie cleans the table. Now 8:40 and I need to get upstairs to help get them settled.

I will try to do an hour or so of work, as my calendar tomorrow begins at 8am and has only 1 hour without meetings, which means again no actual "work" will get done. I actually blocked 6 hours of my time on Friday to just get things accomplished, let's see if that holds or I get invites will get better I know, I just hope my two new BM's don't hate me by then.


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