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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Those "big" meetings or moments

Regardless of what job you have, there are "moments" or "meetings" that could end up having a big impact on your career or job. Perhaps when the regional manager is in town visiting, or when the Principal or Superintendent is observing your class. These are the moments when making a good impression, be it the first or 100th is important.

Hopefully you know when these moments are going to occur and can plan for them. My advice would be to not "over plan" as you will look rehearsed and "stiff". Be sure to know your stuff and look like the expert. I always try to anticipate the questions I think they would have, but going through my presentation or demonstration as if I were observing it...what is missing? what isn't clear? If you are someone who just gets nervous in front of others, I still remember being told in a public speaking class in college to just pretend the audience or person observing you is naked...maybe that will work for you.

Yesterday I was "lucky" enough to have two of these meetings. My Group President is in town and I had to meet with him on a project (and lucky me I have to do it again on Friday). Then a General Manager, who works in another category but has the "marketing" responsibilities for my business unit. They were back to back and could have been incredibly stressful, but I knew my stuff and the key messages I wanted to get across. Be knowledgeable, approachable and passionate about what you do and hopefully these "moments" will give a great impression and help you prosper in the future.


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