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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Paying it forward

As a working mom, most days are full and busy with just the normal routine. Taking care of the kids, work, dinner, baths, schoolwork, laundry, cooking, etc. There isn't really "extra" time just laying around. But yet there is always enough time to help someone out, a neighbor who just had baby, or a friend whose spouse is traveling and could use the help. Make the time to lend a helping hand as it will always pay itself forward and come back to help you in the end. Let me give and example.

A few weeks ago my neighbor Tod had a 10 day business trip. This was a bit unusual as Tod doesn't really have to travel much, but it happened. A couple of times during that time we had Patty and their girls over for dinner, or had the girls over to play so Patty could have some downtown, or just get some things done. This was no extra work for me or Arnie at all. We would be cooking anyway, and frankly when the girls are over, my kids are more behaved and quiet, as they play terrifically together. Of course Patty was very grateful, but that is just what friends do.

Then time passes and just two days ago I get an email at work inviting me and the girls over for dinner on Friday. They had heard that Arnie and Ben were going to watch Michigan play hockey up at Miami of Ohio and knew I would be alone. So we headed over after work, bringing dessert with us and had a great night. We weren't alone and instead in good company, requiring little effort by Patty and Tod, but showing how helpful friends can be.

Last night on a whim I decided to make lasagna. Like any Italian meal, it is always easy to make it in large quantities (sometimes without even trying). So we made a few phone calls and had some neighbors over for dinner. The discussion over the card game became "what a pleasant surprise it was" to get our phone call as they were staring at leftovers.

Lend the helping hand and you will be sure to get it back. Working women and men need support and nice surprises every now and then. It takes a village and what a better way to start building yours than make the meal for the new mom or have your neighbors over sometime.


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