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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Keeping up

I think anyone who works constantly goes through the debate in their head of "should I check in" while I am on holiday or not? I have a pretty hard and fast rule that I do not take my computer when we go on vacation. Nothing could possibly happen at an $84 billion dollar company that would require me and only me. There are lots of smart people who can keep things afloat until I get back. It is my (and my families) time to get away and rest.

I have a harder time on long weekends like this weekend. Thanksgiving is only a US holiday...yet I work in a global job. So everyone else is working as usual while we are out for a few days. Yes, you could argue "they all know this" and that is certainly true for most. I just really don't like Mondays after holiday weekends if I don't check email. You want to go back and ease it, but it hits you like a brick wall.

After a few of these, I have decided I will clear out email during the time off. I don't do "work" in that I am not writing documents, memos, calling into meetings, etc...but I do keep in touch to reduce the angst of going back on Monday. So the side for "staying on top of things" won the debate in my head. Somehow it makes my long weekend seem much more restful then waiting and logging in Monday morning to 200 plus emails...this way I enjoy my time with my family, while finding 15 minutes a day to log on, delete a lot and know no fires are erupting.

What do you do?


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