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Monday, January 19, 2009

Yeah for MLK

To me there is something extra special about the "smaller" holidays; MLK and Presidents day. First they don't fall into a larger holiday season that often requires traveling for us (i.e Thanksgiving and Christmas). Second, they aren't in the summer, which usually turns into a bar-bq or going camping...I love them to, but it's the winter holidays that I find myself really enjoying an extra day off.

Today started nice and early with my third appearance on Fox 19 Cincinnati. Rob interviewed me today on "getting organized." Everything went smooth, with the exception of Arnie and the kids missing me live. We had our first official sleep over last night, so he was making pancakes for five, so easily forgiven...and isn't that was a DVR is for anyway :)

Once home I changed quickly and took the girls to dance. Our dance studio is very different from the two others I am familiar with, being the once I went to and the one my sisters daughters went to. In both of those cases there were glass windows to look through and observe. Not at this center. Completely closed room and the parents are invited twice a year to sit in for 10 minutes. But it was great to take the girls and spend time with them. Sarah and I even got Arnie's car washed while Claire was in class.

After lunch at home we headed to the movies with our neighbors the Taylor's. We saw Hotel for Dogs and it was really cute. We all enjoyed it quite a bit. After the movie we went to Gameworks to play some games. I had gotten 3 hour all you can play cards from a work event, so it was free and we could all play at once. From pop-a-shot, to race car driving and more we had a wonderful time. I had packed snacks for the movie and afternoon, so no cash outlay with the exception of the movie, which if you are wondering is $35 for a family of five these days.

Dinner consisted of Tacos, which is always a fun family meal. Somewhere in the middle of the day I made chicken soup with the chicken left over from yesterday's dinner. Not as good as my moms, but a yummy lunch for the week. I will sign off now to head upstairs and lay the clothes out for the week. Thank goodness, Carol who helps me clean the house comes tomorrow, as the house seems extra messy...must be the snow getting tracked in. I love walking into the house the day she is here - always brings a smile to my face.


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