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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tina Fey and me

Did any of you watch the Golden Globe awards a couple of weeks back? I always love awards show season, I guess its my secret obsession with pop culture. In case you didn't, let me tell you a bit about one of the highlights of the show. Tina Fey continue her amazing year with wins for Best Actress in Comedy and Best Comedy Show for 30 Rock. I do not watch it, but most critics would say it is pretty good. And unless you didn't turn on a TV over the last six months, you are aware she took her stardom up a few notches more with her impersonation of Sarah Palin.

Well, during her acceptance speech she thanked everyone for the wonderful year she had. Then went on to say that your head could get big except for that thing out there called the internet. She explained how there are so many people on the internet who are not fans of her and then listed some of the login names and location and said "suck it" to each one. It was pretty darn funny. The point was, no matter how much you try, how well you are doing, or how nice you are there are always people who don't see it that way, and in fact they are more than happy to tell you that.

Well, I felt like Tina Fey this week. I noticed on Amazon that I had another review for my book, so of course I read it. Well, let's just say NG from California was not a fan. She hated that I recommended products by name, and actually made dinners in my microwave. Apparently Kraft Cheese (and I meant the grated cheddar kind) is horrible and I didn't have many original ideas. I am glad for the feedback (not that I can do much with it, given it is in print) and was very humbled by the comment. I felt bad for about 24 hours, actually had an upset stomach, which makes me human I guess.

I knew when I wrote the book we would be looked at differently and get criticism, that was the risk in making it so personal. But I truly felt like I could help some women like me and that was worth it, even if some others didn't think I was much help at all. I still continue with that quest each day, and that is what gets me through the NG's of the world and back to my normal state within 24 hours or so. When I had coffee with a mentee on Friday and he told me how much he loved my facebook tips, and he is 26 and single I think I fully came out of my "I feel bad for myself" period. On we go, trying to make the life of working and non-working men and women each day.


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