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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If I just communicated and did't assume

My day did not get off to a very good start today. I was up at 6, dressed and ready to go by 6:25. Had my tea, packed lunch and banana in the car by 6:30, decided to warm up my car, and at 6:40 when I came back inside still there was no sign of my husband.

Instead there was Ben looking for a parent (with a bit of a scared look on his face). So I took him upstairs and got him dressed. Finally at 6:50 Arnie walked in. Like many mornings he had gone to the Y to swim. That is normal. But what wasn't normal was the time he got home. He often got home a bit after 6:30, but I could still get to work by 7 or a bit after. Given I don't have a 7am everyday I didn't say anything to him...and that backfired this morning.

I should have either said -- can you check with me on what time you need to be home each morning, or last night reminded him I had a 7am. I simply should have over-communicated. Instead I assumed he knows my schedule and he would be home . It ended up being a nightmare. The call in number my Japanese colleagues sent via email was wrong, and I couldn't get into the call. Finally they called me, but we needed to be on the line with others so that wouldn't' work. It ended up they had to wait until I was in the office to link up with my teammate.

So at 7:20 ish we started. Not the end of the world by any means, but not a good start to the day. So, don't assume, always go over your schedule with your spouse and just over-communicate. It would have saved me some stress, pacing, choice words for my husband and 20 minutes of many colleagues time (though that was partly their fault too).


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