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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's been a while

So this is my first blog from an IPad. I think many of you know we ran an incentive program with our kids last Fall. We committed to paying for half of an IPad if they saved the other half. We thought this was a win- win for everyone, as they learned how to save and we got three IPads hoping one would be free every now and again for mom and dad. Tonight one is free so I am blogging from it.

2012 has started much better than 2011 for the Zucker's. We had a great long weekend. Annie coached Ben's squirt hockey eat to the Championship and won yesterday. Ben had the goal ahead goal and two assists, so a great game. I didn't think the nit could get better but it did- Arnie had a hat trick in his game late last nit. His mid-life hockey crisis has turned into a full om love affair. He now plays at least four times a week, in fact he is on his way to. Game right now.

We also in true Millennium Mom fashion got a major task accomplished on our day off yesterday...we got the carpets cleaned. They look so good, not sure why I don't do it more often. We managed to stay off them by going bowling ( I got a 178 my first game!) and thenBen's game. So wasn't too painful.

What is painful is trying to fit five work days into four. I used to love Mondays off, and still do, but those four days do seem really long. Today I was back to back all day. I should be doing work now but just don't have the energy. Plus I know if I get in at seven I have three free hours before all the meetings start so banking on getting some to do items done then.

I am even more excited for Friday T five. This week I am on ESPN 1530 with Mo Eggert as his celebrity guest. This is such a dream come true for me. I really hope we talk sports and get to talk hot topics and debate some things. I often ask myself why I didn't follow my passion into sports, so this will give me a taste of it for sure.

Time to start prep for bed. We spent an hour doing our first grade President report tonight. After two years with JFK, is year we got CLvin Coolidge. He wasn't quite as exciting. Maybe that is why I am so tired!

I hope to blog more often, for sure will let you know how Friday goes.


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