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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tips on how to make the most of the Holiday season...Fox 19 Dec 21, 2012

Making the most of the holiday season…for busy moms

It’s that time of year, where days seem like minutes and the stress level is through the roof. So much to do, so much to buy, the holidays can often seem like more work than fun. But they shouldn’t be, they should be about creating memories that last a lifetime and taking time to reflect on the past year and year ahead. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the holidays.
1. Take your kids to your old holiday traditions. Think about memories from your childhood and what made the holidays special and re-create that for your kids. In my hometown we have Christmas on the Farm with Eggbert the talking egg. For years it was no longer in operation but this year they started it again, I can’t wait to take my kids. Here in Cincy it may be Festival of Lights at the Zoo, the trains at Union Terminal or others, but take the time to cherish what makes Christmas time so unique.
2. Pay a special visit to someone. If you haven’t seen a relative or old friend for a while, make a call and set up time to re-connect. I like to catch up with old high school friends when I return to NY for the holidays and it really does make them seem more special. Start sending emails now so you can find a time that works for the both of you.
3. Make a holiday treat and hand deliver it to your neighbors. A few families in my neighborhood do this and I think it is terrific. Make a yummy treat (we get chocolate sprinkled popcorn, pretzels with melted M&M’s on them and others) and hand-deliver it to your neighbors. It gives you time to say hello and personally wish them a wonderful holiday season and a great activity to do with your kids.
4. Give special gifts that money can’t buy. Many of us stress when we can’t get our hands on the sought after toy, or can’t afford the latest gadget. Think about gifts in other ways, gifts that money can’t buy like family game night, 1:1 time with your children or date night with your husband. Any child would take a special day out with mom and dad over the toy they will likely only play with for a few weeks. Make certificates and hand them out to make it official.
5. Write a journal about the past year and your hopes for the year ahead. Steal away 30 minutes and think about the past year and its highlights. What “firsts” did you or your family experience…lost tooth, special vacation, sports victories, good grades…take a moment to reflect on the year and think about 2012 and your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Write down a few things you hope to accomplish to drive you as you enter the new year.
6. Next year start shopping earlier – if I can leave you with one thought it is to buy throughout the year. I know this isn’t second nature and top of mind, but your stress level will be significantly reduced if you just buy things throughout the year, when you see something you like for someone. Keep a running list so you don’t forget what you have purchased. I guarantee this will make next year’s holidays even more special as you will have more time to enjoy them.


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