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Thursday, March 5, 2009

MM Blog 3/5: Friction at work and a parent teacher conference

Did you ever have one of those days where you felt like you were on a roller coaster. Some parts of it were great and fun, and others were terrifying and you couldn't' wait for them to be over...that sums up my Thursday.

Today was a really, really long day at work. One of the core team I work with is in our busy season, which means lots of stressful meetings. For a while now we have have not been as cohesive as we once were. The issues is magnified, with the fact that the two strongest personalities on the team (me and another person) used to get a long better than we are. So while other stuff went on and we managed through it, I am no longer always aligned and sharing the same POV as this person, so the team is divided.

After a rough email chain this morning I decided to meet with a couple of the team members, just to hear their perspective. I didn't think I was out of line in the last meeting, but your own perspective is not always correct, so I always like to check with others. It was great to get their perspective and talk as one voice in how we can try to improve things. At P&G we highly value giving feedback, so we brainstormed about the best way to do that. I felt a bit better when I left.

The rest of my day continued the roller coaster ride, a few great meetings and a tough core team meeting, with another team member battling out with the person I am struggling with. I am hoping our feedback session next week will go well, as I am not sure I can handle much more.

On the uber positive side we had our 2nd parent teacher conference with Ben's K teacher tonight. We got his report card last night, and reviewed it so we knew he was doing really well, but is it always nice to hear the experts perspective. It was a great 20 minute session and we could not have been prouder of Ben. We bought him three of his wish list books from the book fair as a "job well done" gift.

American Idol was on tonight, so we did our normal routine of watching it with the girls. Ben is really into sports right now, so he normally goes upstairs to watch basketball on ESPN, its kind of cute. Of course they wimped out and made it 13, I just knew they would keep Anoop. I was just so happy Megan and Matt made it as I think they deserved it.

Tomorrow night we are hosting a big work baby shower here so we set up tonight. I just love my husband, as he was is more worried" then I am. We got all the tables set up, pulled the catering/entertaining equipment out and are all set. I am going to come home at 4pm to start cooking and it should be a great night of fun and good cheer.

happy friday to you to watch Grey's Anatomy


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