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Friday, February 20, 2009

MM Blog 2/20 A tough work week

It's hard to believe that I only worked three days this week. My apologies for being absent the last few days. One would have thought I would have been totally refreshed from our weekend away. Yet, somehow last night I went to bed at 9:15 after taking two Tylenol PM to help ensure a good nights sleep. I had a headache all day and was just exhausted.

I think it is mostly stress induced. The last two weeks have been extremely busy and stressful. As I mentioned last week a couple of my projects are at crucial points right now, and are being presented to the category leadership council on Monday. Preparing for meetings like this are normally no big deal for me. Like most things at my job, I take the 80/20 principle in preparing them, provide an update, get the critical decisions and move on. Unfortunately one of these projects has such large strategic implications that my normal process just isn't cutting it.

Instead I meet with my sponsor, the Pantene global general manager, the R&D manager and others to try to line up our recommendation. And it seems after each call it went in a different direction. I was so happy Wed night when at 10pm I sent the documents off to be shared as pre-reading. At least that meant I didn't have to do any more edits. But that wasn't the end of the stress. On Thursday we found out the meeting time had been moved (we were trumped by the Vice Chair...), which meant our video link was not longer available at the same location and so on. Now Monday will begin at 7am for me in one location, I have to shuttle to another by 11am (leaving a meeting early) only to return back to the original office at 12:30.

You would think little things like this wouldn't bother me, or work themselves out, but I guess it is just icing on the crazy cake I have been eating since the New Year. I hope Monday will bring some resolution, so my team and I can move forward in one direction. So about 30 hours of work felt like my normal 50. This made Friday night even more precious. I came home early to get extra love and care from the kids. Now we are sitting on the couch watching family movies and snuggling around the computer.

This weekend is what is called the Fine Arts Sampler weekend. It is the annual fund drive for the Fine Arts Fund which supports the arts in Cincinnati. P&G is highly invested in driving the Arts so we do quite a bit at work to support it. Then this weekend all the Arts Organizations offer free concerts, plays, lessons, face painting, puppet shows, museum admission and more. We went through the schedule tonight and have picked out what we will do. This weekend is extra special to us as Arnie and I started dating one week before it and went to many things together eleven years ago, so many fond memories we occur throughout I am sure. Then again, they are predicting snow tomorrow so we may end up playing lots of games and having hot cocoa, which will be great too. All the best to all of you.


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