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Sunday, February 15, 2009

MM Blog 2/15 - A state of exhaustion

Well, it has been a while since I wrote and to my loyal readers I apologize. I really had no good excuse except being exhausted and not having a free minute to blog. I am finally blogging now from North Carolina. This is Arnie and my weekend away, so I have some free time finally. Unfortunately that was not the case this past week.

I definitely did not have a normal week. Three of the five work nights I had evening work commitments. Most of it was due to my Asia trip being cancelled, so I had to have some evening video or conference calls to make up for the lost face-to-face time as I said. On Wednesday I had some consumer research. The good part was I was inside all day listening to great women and learning a lot. I even missed the big wind storm completely. The bad part is I didn't get home until 8:30. Then on Thursday I had an 8pm call, it is once a month and happened to fall during my crazy week. On top of the late nights, I have two big management meetings next week so my mind was pretty occupied in thought, which meant I was up later.

All this before a much needed weekend away. At 10:30 pm Thursday night Arnie and I were packing as it was at that point we realized we wouldn't have any more time to do it. Friday night we drove up to Columbus to see the Red Wings play the Blue Jackets. We had booked the tickets months ago, before we planned our weekend away. I was cursing myself the entire time for not packing the weekend before like I normally do, but I had figured it would be so easy (and it was) as I didn't have to pack for the kids. None the less, it just added to my exhaustion and stress level, both of which I didn't need.

I thought it would all crash down when Arnie called his mother Thursday night to check in. Given we were going to be gone on Friday we wanted to make sure we were all set for the weekend, as they were coming down to watch the kids. I could tell from Arnie's voice something wasn't right. It ended up his dad wasn't feeling well. His mom was still planning on coming down, but this would change things as she wasn't comfortable doing some items that his dad would normally do. I was too tired to stress out and had to pack, so off I went.

Thankfully his dad felt much better on Friday and our plan was back to normal. We still called on our neighbors for a favor to watch the girls until his parents arrived. This way we could take Ben to hockey until his parents met us at the rink, then we would head to NC.

So, here we are, resting in the beautiful Grove Park Inn. Today we went to the Biltmore Estate, our first visit and loved it. The hotel here is wonderful with great service and an amazing spa. Tomorrow we both have massages which we can't wait for and will spend some romantic time in the spa area. We both needed some R&R and time away and this weekend could not have come at a better time. I encourage you all to have some time with your spouse away from the kids. As much as I love my children more than words can say, my relationship with my husband is numero uno and taking time away once a year is our way of nurturing it.


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