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Monday, February 9, 2009

Another late night

As my husband said to me today "no big deal, I would rather have you out a few nights than in Japan or China", but as I sit at my desk, getting ready to microwave my dinner (my third meal today out of my house) before heading to a 8-10pm video conference, I am not feeling that it is better. Yes, I am glad I was home with my family all weekend versus being away, but I feel so bad when I miss them at night (like today) and then again in the morning (like I will tomorrow due to a 7am). I think I have said this before - it feels like traveling without getting on a plane.

My advice when you find yourself in this situation is to make the most of it and make up for it. Making the most of it is I will call my kids and talk to them for a while on the phone. Each one individually so they can tell me about their day, what happened at ballet or school and so on. Making up for it is finding more time with them at the end of the week. Unfortunate for me I can't leave early tomorrow and Wed I have consumer research the entire day, into the evening. Essentially my week is shot until Friday, so I blocked from 2pm on and will head home. We are going to see the Red Wings play up on Columbus so this way we can leave early and have a meal before going into the arena, a nice family outing.

My husband is also so great in reminding me they are kids and not really effected by me not being there for dinner one or two nights. Call it the working mom guilt, but of course this is the first thing you think of. They will love the extra attention from dad and likely do something fun one of these nights (I'm guessing pizza or McDonald's) so in their mind mom not being home to cook dinner means something special for them.

So now, I will head to the microwave to make my Thai Kitchen meal, then call the kids before hopping in the car. Not only do I have an 8pm, but the only room available was at another site...which is 10 minutes further from home :(

When it rains, it pours...


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