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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ideas for what to do when you are stuck inside this winter

Last month I did my Fox 19 segment on ideas for indoor activities when it is either too cold to go outside, or you are stuck (think recent Blizzard in NE region of country).  Some of tried and true like baking cookies, and others are more novel like a scavenger hunt.  I hope you enjoy them.

Best indoor kid’s activities

The cold winter weather is here in Cincinnati. When it gets this brutally cold it is tough for the kids to play outside, so you want to be ready with great indoor activities to keep them entertained. I searched on line on Redbook and other parenting sights and have come up with these 10 easy things you can do with your kids.

1) Bake something – when it’s cold outside make it even warmer inside by baking something warm together. Choose their favorite cookie, cupcake or cake and work together to bring it to life. What a better way to put some warmth in their souls.

2) Pitch a tent, build an indoor fort – my kids LOVE to do this. Bring out all the blankets, chip clips to hold them together and lots of pillows to build a great fort for them to hang out in all day long.

3) Watch old family movies or go through old family photo albums – my kids love to look at old pictures of themselves and learn about all the things they did and places they have seen. They get such a big kick about seeing themselves as babies, and even mom and dad’s wedding DVD or album.

4) Scavenger Hunt – Walk around the house and make up a scavenger hunt list for items the kids can find. Make sure it isn’t too tough and use some clues to help them with location. When done right than can occupy a lot of time and they love it.

5) Indoor scuba diving – another great way to make them think of summer. Fill the tub with warm water, put their bathing suit and goggles on and let them pretend they are scuba diving in the sea.

6) Perform a show – this can be a puppet show, a runway show or their own play. Bring out old Halloween or dance costumes and let them put on a show for you. Be sure to have the video camera out to capture this moment as it happens.

7) Indoor picnic or tea party – lay out a big blanket on the floor and have a picnic. What better way to think about summer and forget about the cold then a picnic. Or take the cookies you made and have a nice tea using hot chocolate instead for the kids.

8) Family game day – Head to the game closet and bring out a bunch of them. Let every child pick their favorite and start the hours of fun playing together.

9) Arts and crafts – lay out newspaper on the floor or table and bring out all your arts and crafts. From paint, to glue and glitter let them create a masterpiece you will cherish forever.

10) Play Wii together – Today’s video games make it easy for the entire family to participate together. We love Just Dance on the Wii as it is great fun and exercise for everyone. You actually feel like you get a workout and the kids love it.


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