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Monday, June 17, 2013

Thursday June 13th - Grand Canyon here we come

What a night that was.  I loved sleeping truly in our own paradise, it was beautiful.  And seeing Arnie and Henry return from their morning routine in the midst of the canyon was priceless.

After a quick (cold cereal) breakfast, we headed towards Natural Bridges national monument.  I am not quite sure what determines a national park vs. national monument.  There were plenty of acres at Natural Bridges, and even camping, but it is a monument.  There are three bridges there to view/hike to.  It was very picturesque and a nice little hike down to the final bridge.

After a nice break from driving we headed South towards Arizona.  We treated ourselves to lunch in Bluff, Utah.  It is a little town founded by Mormons quite some time ago, stagecoaches and all to prove it.  As we pulled into the Twin Rock cafe, there was an RV with "MEDIA" signs on it.  It was the Media truck for the Race Across America.  Yes, believe it or not, there are crazy men out there who literally race from coast to less than 10 DAYS!!!!  Seriously, they sleep very little and bike a ton.  We were blessed to be on a road with them, a couple of days into the race.  We talked to the media guys a bit, they were exhausted as they have to follow the bikers and film non-stop, and they never stop.  We probably saw/passed about 20 of the riders before we got on another road, but it was great while it lasted.  Nothing like the tour de France and the parade that goes along with it, but still unbelievable.

The ride into the Grand Canyon was not fun.  I was tired as I had driven a lot the day before and was trying to sleep.  But it is official, the worst roads in all of N. America are in Arizona, seriously HORRIBLE!!!  I don't know if being Indian territory has something to do with it or not, but just really bumpy, beyond uncomfortable in the RV.  We pulled into the East entrance of the park around 4pm.   We did a quick stop at one of the look-out areas and headed to the RV park to set-up and take showers before it got dark.  Here are the pics, but trust me, they get 500% better tomorrow!

 So we settled into our site for the night.  Grandpa made us Chili which was great.  It was nice to be among trees again, and cool evenings to sleep in.  Tomorrow we will do some biking to the various lookouts, check out the visitor center and take part in Constellation night.


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