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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Joanna's continuation of St. Louis

So Arnie and I are going to have to figure out this blog posting thing.  He got on last night and not only posted his entry, but the one I had saved that was not finished....

So I will continue my journey in St. Louis.  Really this time, here are the pictures of the arch.

We had dinner at Paddy's Bar-Bq just north of downtown, before you hit St. Louis U.  It was recommended by quite a few people, so we had high expectations.  These were set even higher based on the line in the place.  They were quite quick with the food, but overall we were not impressed.  The bar-bq in Chattanooga was way better.  But it was a great local experience which is what we want on this trip, particularly when we eat out.

Then we headed to the baseball game.  I am a huge baseball fan, in case you didn't know that.  BOrn and bread Yankees fan, and quite into the Reds as well.  If I have time in the evening, I will put the baseball game on and watch it.  I am the only one in my family who would choose to do this.  Arnie convinced Ben to switch from Baseball to Lacrosse because he hates how slow baseball is.  We do love going to live games though, nothing is better on a summer evening.  Arnie left in the first cab to go get tickets.  He was a HUGE success.  We sat 10 rows directly behind home plate for $25 each.  What is amazing is the face value of the tickets was only $75.  In Yankee stadium these are $300 at least.  The Cardinals beat up on the Diamondbacks and looked pretty good, watch out Reds (and evidences by the score last night in Cincy, I fear this will be the case).  I am not uploading the pics from the game as it takes FOREVER to upload them.
I thought it was because we were going over the mountains yesterday, but today we are on the WiFi of the RV campground with 5 bars and it is still taking forever.

Off to Mesa Verde today..will upload some pics of Great Sand Dunes tonight I promise.


  • I feel tension already....and this is just over blogging! Good luck with the rest of the trip...
    Seriously, very jealous, but at least if we choose to do this ourselves, we'll know you have plenty of research and learnings to provide us. I assume you will produce a one-page trip summary memo after you are done.

    By Blogger Brian Kandell, At June 10, 2013 at 6:46 AM  

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