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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heading up to the Pacific NW - but some stops along the way

We wanted to take advantage of the drive up to Crater lake to see some nice spots, stop along the coast and then along the Rogue River.  Our stop tonight would be in Prospect, Oregon about 45 minutes south of the south entrance.

Our first stop was just a few miles North of Klamath along the CA coast, at Wilsons creek.  This is where the creek comes into the Pacific ocean.  We were told we could see starfish there so we were excited- wildlife of some sort.  The spot was quite nice, only about 30 feet from the parking lots but lots of rocks to explore and then the flowing creek into the pacific.  The kids had a blast.  We had our rain coats on, even though it wasn't really raining because the fog and frankly to keep them dry.  Here are some pics of the adventure.

 Right after our stop we crossed into Oregon.  We love Oregon.  Arnie lived there while we were dating/engaged from 1998-2000.  He was the finance manager on the Fred Meyer team.  When he moved out there they had FM, plus Ralph's, Smith's, Smitty's.  Then Kroger bought Fred Meyer and it became Kroger West.  We enjoyed traveling the state and seeing things - Mt. Hood, Bend, The coast, but we never made it to the South an Crater Lake.  We looked forward to finally seeing that part of the state.
 About and hour and a half North we landed in Prospect, our destination for the night.  This RV campground was VERY nice, wooded and had a very friendly staff for sure. They gave us tons of hiking trails, points of interest and maps to direct us to everything.  We decided to head out on our bikes to go see some of the local waterfalls from the Rogue River.  The daring part of this adventure was that we would take Henry with us and he would run along Arnie biking.  For the most part this worked, at times he got distracted by some lizard or something, but no major spills by anyone.  Here is a pick of him leading the way, sort of like the dogs in Alaska pulling the sleds.  The Rogue was a very heavy flow river, getting all the snow run-off from many of the Southern cascades.  The waterfalls were great.

We headed back home to make dinner and have a campfire.  Here are some pics from our site.  We had a great time.  Only downfall is mosquitoes they are in Oregon for sure!  So the citronella candles came out along with the OFF.  Mommy made double chocolate cookies for the gang the night before and we still had some so tonight the marshmallows would be in between the chocolate cookies for Claire and daddy for sure.

The rig pulled in for the night

Ben by the campfire

Claire with her choc sandwich smore

On Thursday morning we got up and planned to go see a natural bridge, but this would be very different from the ones we saw in Utah.  It was actually right above the river, lava had carved out the rocks thousands of years ago creating an underground tunnel for the river to flow through for a about 25 feet, it was pretty cool.

here is a pic of the river flowing beneath the bridge

this is the water right before it dips under that rock which is the bridge.

the bridge from the top and then the water coming out after it.

So a great day seeing some local Oregon sights.  We are now off to Crater lake and so excited.  Yesterday it was 49 degrees there, but today summer has arrived and it will be a high of 69 and sunny. We have been SO LUCKY with the weather, we bring the sun wherever us and our "Sunseeker" which is the name of our RV go.


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